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What Clients Say...

Renee Bate

"I really loved my pregnancy massage that Tania gave me. She was so welcoming and warm when she greeted me and I was always made to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. It was all about ME for that hour and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about having one! Tania is so passionate about what she does and it shows in her work." :)

Aunty Soleir'o Kupfer

"My massage was fantastic, it was great to get some much needed relief I felt energized the last 2 days since my massage!"

Surhey Tuck

"I had an amazing pregancy massage by Tania the other day, loved the different technique she used and felt super comfortable laying on my tummy even at 34 weeks. The only bad thing is that 90 mins was not enough! I will definitely be back before my bub is due." :)

Calm Little Baby

"Calm Little Baby certainly recommends Pregnancy Massage Gold Coast with Tania....a great way to treat yourself and your little bundle in your belly, and great for destressing and having some me time once baby arrives. Tania is so calming and radiates a beautiful energy...very good for the soul." :)

Pure Bliss Yoga

"A huge thanks to Tania today! What an amazing pregnancy massage - thank you for your care and kindness. Namaste!"

Melissa Stone

"Thank you so much for the wonderful pregnancy massage recently. It was incredible how relaxed I felt afterwards, and not only did you take away all of the pregnancy ailments I had been feeling in recent weeks but you made me feel so pampered and special. Thank you!!!!"

Lina Markham

"Beautiful, simply beautiful! As a lecturer of massage I have a very high expectation for massage treatments and Tania is exceptional at what she does! Much love to you, thank you for your care and nurturing!"

Leena Dufty

"Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic I came out feeling like a new woman!!"

Sheridan Arthur

"I have had both pregnancy massage and relaxation lomi lomi massage with Tania, multiple times! Her technique is so soothing and relaxing, yet still firm and therapeutic. I have had a variety of massages and techniques in my time and Tania's is truly unique and superior. Her treatment table is fantastic for pregnant bellies as well! She has a lovely calming nature and her energy is soooo good for a pregnant mummy to be. I highly recommend Tania for any massage, before and after bub. enjoy :)"
Renee Bate
Aunty Soleir'o Kupfer
Surhey Tuck
Calm Little Baby
Pure Bliss Yoga
Melissa Stone
Lina Markham
Leena Dufty
Sheridan Arthur

Welcome Beautiful Mums-To-Be...

Enjoy A Pain-Relieving, Deeply Relaxing & Wonderfully Nurturing Pregnancy Massage!

Pregnancy Massage Gold Coast

- Extra comfy and supportive pregnancy massage tables. Lay face down in comfort at any point in your pregnancy!
- Experienced, skilled and caring pregnancy massage therapists.
- 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
- Deeply soothing 'Hawaiian Style' pregnancy massage.

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Pregnancy Massage Gold Coast

Pregnancy + Massage = Happier Mums-To-Be!

Pregnancy Massage Gold Coast

Welcoming a child into the world is without a doubt one of life's great miracles. However for a Mother-to-be, pregnancy can be a time that is overwhelming as emotions of joy and excitement mix with doubt and fear, and dramatic changes take place on both physical and psychological levels.

To participate in this journey is a gift in itself, but it may also come with a few challenges. As the pregnancy develops Mother Nature tries to do everything necessary to prepare both the Mother-to-be and the precious little life she carries for child birth. Massage and touch can be invaluable during this process as it can make the pregnancy experience a more comfortable, easier and happier journey. This is why so many Mother's-to-be choose to have pregnancy massage.

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As the pregnancy develops the physical body makes necessary changes and adjustments which may as a result cause a number of discomforts.

These discomforts may include, but are not isolated to the following:

Gold Coast Pregnancy Massage- Back pain (especially the lower back).
- Neck pain and tense shoulders.
- Headaches.
- Hip and pelvic pain.
- Swollen feet, ankles and hands.
- Rib pain.
- Swollen veins.
- Skin changes / irritations.
- Expanding of the abdomen.
- Fatigue / exhaustion.

The change of centre of gravity can stress the back, neck, shoulders and abdominal muscles. While a change of posture can result as the pelvis starts to pull forward and the ligaments that hold the pelvis in place start to relax, (making the pelvis joint less stable). This forward rotation of the pelvis, along with the weight of the baby puts additional strain on the pelvic girdle and hips, and as the curve of the back increases the knees can rotate out putting more strain on the hips and lower back.

During pregnancy the body also creates up to 50% extra blood, so along with the extra weight on the legs this can cause extra pressure on veins as they become engorged, which in turn can cause cramps and for the legs to become very sore.

If you are experiencing any of these complaints or just feel like you really need some nurturing, a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi style prenatal massage incorporating remedial massage techniques to relieve areas of pain and discomfort may be just what you need. Let our skilled and caring hands 'soothe away the sore' and help you drift off into deep, blissful relaxation.

Give us a call on 0407 774 552 to book your pregnancy massage.


There are several observed or identified benefits to massage therapy during pregnancy including:

Prenatal Massage- Relief of muscular tension, especially in the lower back, upper back, shoulders and neck.
- Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints.
- Enhances body awareness for better posture and less discomfort.
- Assists with body mechanics and movement during structural change.
- Supports birth process by relaxing muscles involved in labor and birth.
- Eases anxiety and stress during time of transition.
- Gives emotional support / nurturing.
- Promotes increased energy and vitality.
- Feels absolutely wonderful!!!

Prenatal Massage Gold CoastIf you are pregnant, we invite you to come and enjoy a beautiful pregnancy massage with us here at Touch Of Aloha. We have specially designed pregnancy massage tables that are very comfortable and will even allow you to lay face down in absolute comfort no matter how far along you are.

We've even massaged ladies right up until the day they give birth.

Come and enjoy a pain-relieving, deeply relaxing and wonderfully rejuvenating 'Hawaiian Style' pregnancy massage today. We're totally confident that you will absolutely LOVE your treatment! That's why it's 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

We will make you feel completely comfortable and safe and do everything we can to ensure that your experience is an enjoyable one. We will treat you and your baby on the way like you are the most important people in the world.

Please give us a call on 0407 774 552 and we'll be happy to answer questions you have and make a suitable appointment time for you.

Be sure to ask about our beautiful massage enhancements using pregnancy-safe pure essential oils from DoTerra Australia.

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