Tania Hodder - Prenatal Massage TherapistTania Hodder (pictured) has been doing prenatal and postnatal massage therapy professionally for over 20 years and has massaged hundreds of clients during their pregnancies and she regularly receives referrals from various practitioners in the Gold Coast medical community.

Tania also received lots of massage during her own pregnancy so understands just how wonderful it feels to get soothing relief from the typical prenatal-related tension and discomfort in the lower back, hips, neck and shoulders etc and to truly relax and find inner calm …and in the process connect with your baby in the most beautiful way.

She has also completed training with Spinning Babies trainer and midwife, Ginny Phang-Davey from Optimal Maternal Positioning. This training added additional knowledge to her repertoire, allowing her to incorporate gentle stretches and movements into her treatments shown to help balance your pregnant body and make space for the best birth position for your baby. Additional gentle, supportive exercises can also be shared with you to continue on with at home.

Many clients comment on how much better they feel immediately after their massage (or the next day) and how very much they look forward to their next massage due to the comfort / relief it provides.

Pregnancy massage is a real passion for me and I’m truly honored to nurture and support you on your journey into Motherhood. I look forward to taking care of you soon.” xo Tania