Receiving Massage During Pregnancy

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Looking to enjoy massages during pregnancy? Wonderful! Receiving massage throughout your pregnancy can definitely make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

One question I get asked a lot from potential clients is, “Can I have pregnancy massage in the first trimester?”

Although massage is not widely recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy due to potentially increasing the risk of miscarriage (although I know of know no actual scientific evidence that supports this), I personally am open to offering massage treatments to pregnant women during the first trimester on a ‘client by client’ basis. Provided that you are healthy and that everything appears to be well with your pregnancy, I am more than comfortable to offer you a nice, nurturing and relaxing massage treatment during this time.

Outside of the first trimester I can offer you a firmer, longer and more tension relieving massage treatment, in addition to giving you that lovely nurturing, deeply relaxing healing touch that is so wonderful to receive when you are pregnant.

From someone who received A LOT of treatments while pregnant, I can categorically say that massages during pregnancy are such a lovely and effective way to minimize the stress on your body, not to mention your mind, emotions and spirit during this special, yet often trying (and very tiring) time.

I know that my regular massages during pregnancy helped me enjoy the experience of being pregnant so much more and I encourage all Mums-to-be to at least have a few sessions throughout their pregnancy so they too can experience the many benefits.

I’ve personally had clients come and see me for massage treatments right up until they have their baby (even while in labour) so I can accommodate you, regardless of whether you are just newly pregnant, somewhere in the middle or very close to giving birth.

In my experience the babies really enjoy the experience too and I have felt many an unborn bubby push gently up against my hands while I’m massaging as if to say, “Me too please.” It’s really wonderful and that is just one of the reasons why I enjoy pregnancy massage so much. It’s all about connection, not only nurturing the mother but also the little person inside.

These little ones can pick up so much from their environment well before they enter the world and they really love the tranquility of the massage setting. The soft music, the caring touch and the enjoyment and relaxation that the Mother is experiencing. They are aware of it all, especially in those later stages of pregnancy where massage is most needed and enjoyed.

If you’ve been thinking about coming and having massages during pregnancy but have had some reservations, please feel free to give me a call on 0407 774 552 and let me answer any questions you might have and also set your mind at ease. I’ve been doing pregnancy massage for a very long time now (15 yrs) so I’m very experienced and am very passionate about this most sacred bodywork for Mums to be.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Tania Hodder is a massage practitioner (and teacher) with over 15 years experience. She has a passion for pregnancy massage in particular and loves nothing more than nurturing Mums-to-be with her beautiful 'Hawaiian Style' massage treatments.
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